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• How do I know what level is right for my child? Brand new to tumbling or acro? Join a level 1 class for tumbling or a Standard class for acro. If your child has some previous experience give us a call, or send an email and we will advise you on a good fit. Check out our "Classes" tab for more age-related information.

• Is there a registration fee? There is a one-time program fee of $75.00 to be paid at time of registration. If your child takes a break from tumbling and re-enrolls within 6 months the registration fee will be waived.

• Can my child enroll or advance to a new level at any time? Aspen Tumbling uses concurrent enrollment, meaning you can enroll your child in open classes any time of the year. Mid-month enrollment will be pro-rated. When your child has mastered the required skills in their current level their coach will connect with you and the front desk to make a promotion to the next level.

• Don't see your desired level, class, or time? Send us a message! We are happy to hear from you! As Aspen Tumbling ramps up we will be adding more class times and levels.

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